How to Enter

Entering and attending swim meets

Step 1. Check your squad competition calendar

Coaches select swim meets that are suitable for swimmers in each squad level. To check which swim meet to enter, refer to your squad program page below. 

Links on the above pages will take you directly to the specific event in the M1 Events Calendar where you can login to Swim Central and enter.

Step 2. Login to Swim Central to enter

To enter a swim meet you must login to Swim Central.

Click here for step by step instructions on how to enter.

If your child is a new member racing for the first time, we recommend just entering 2 or 3 events in the strokes your child is comfortable with (usually freestyle, backstroke and breastroke). If unsure, contact M1.

Note: It is important to enter swim meets before the closing date. Enter early to avoid disappointment as some swim meets reach maximum capacity very quickly. 

Step 3. Check the M1 weekly news

Keep an eye out for the M1 weekly news (sent most Thursdays or Fridays). These updates include information about any swim meets taking place (including what time swimmers should arrive for the warm up).  

To subscribe to the M1 weekly news, click here.

Step 4. Attend the swim meet

The most important step - attending the meet! Here's a few tips on what to do on the day:

  • Bring your gear - Make sure you have your bathers, goggles, towel and M1 uniform - water and snacks are also a good idea.

  • Arrive on time - Coaches are there to warm you up and prepare you for racing, so show respect to your coach by arriving on time

  • Sit together with team - All M1 swimmers are expected to sit together as a team at swim meets. Coaches will reinforce this and parents are asked to play their role in telling their children to sit with team mates.  Parents are welcome to sit next to the team.

  • Marshalling for your event - Check what event numbers are yours and marshall on time for your event

  • Communicate with your coach - Report to your coach at warm up and checkin with them throughout the meet

  • Support your team mates - Swimmers are part of a team, so make an effort to support members of your team

  • Try your best - Give it your best shot when you race - learning to try 100% is a great life skill and you will always feel better if you know you tried.

  • Demonstrate good sportsmanship - Be nice and be fair.  Represent yourself, your family, your coach and the club with honour.

  • Role of coaches - Coaches from Tateswim and Academy of Swimming are there to support swimmers and help make the swim meet a positive experience.

  • Role of parents - The domain of parents at swim meets is to support their child and reinforce any requests made by the coach.


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